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Our clients frequently call in and let us know how our lead generation systems are working out for their business. We picked a few to post. Here is their feedback.
Industry: Automotive - New Car Sales. OnlyOnlineMarketing.com has been running their campaign for over a year, increasing their bottom line!

Video: Michael Bonham, Internet Sales Manager, Murdock Group

Industry: Finance - Loans. Voicemail Message: "Hi my name is Dennis, and I run a business with Mom and Pop Business Funding, giving out business loans. And I just want to say that you guys have been great. I've got so many leads from you guys. And Adam, you've been amazing. You're always there anytime I email you, to update either the website, or to show me how the campaign works. You've been great, I just want to say thank you so much for everything you're doing out there. And you've also helped a lot of my agents build websites and get them up and running and getting them some leads. It's amazing. I've been looking for something like this for a long time and I finally found something that really produces the amount of leads I need, and great customer service as well. So thank you so much guys. Bye." - Dennis from Maine

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Industry: Pest Elimination - Exterminator. OnlyOnlineMarketing.com has great customer service! Email Message: "Oh, I'm going to analyze the service that your company gives and-- so far it's outstanding-- I'll be sending clients your way" - Raymond, Owner, Bugs Zap

Industry: Hearing Aids. Steady stream of leads, closed deals, and gets organic traffic from his landing page! Voicemail Message: "Hi, this is Robb with DIY Hearing Aids. I just wanted to say how great OnlyOnlineMarketing has been to work with. They made the process of getting a landing page setup to receive online internet leads extremely easy, and it has turned out to be a very professional looking page, and we appreciate that. We now receive a constant supply of leads on a daily basis with a very high percentage of conversions. I have been impressed with the quick responses to any changes requested and the professional way in which they have handled any situation. I highly recommed OnlyOnlineMarketing.com to anyone wanting a professional appearance on the web, and who want to improve their lead generation activities. Thank you very much OnlyOnlineMarketing.com, I appreciate your professionalism and your work." - Robb from UT Click PLAY to hear Robb's actual message!

Industry: Commercial/Residential Cleaning Company. Signed two new clients last month for thousands in new revenue! Voicemail Message: "Hi, my name is Rudy, from Cleaning Doctor, and I started working with OnlyOnlineMarketing.com, and they just give me good news, and uh, make my company better and getting me more clients. I just got in the first month, two clients right away, and it's still coming more and more that I really love these guys, they really give me a lot of attention, they treat me good, and tell me what to do, and how to do. I have only good things to tell about OnlyOnlineMarketing.com, they are the best. Alright, thank you very much OnlyOnlineMarketing.com. Bye Bye." - Rudy from FL Click PLAY to hear Rudy's actual message!

Industry: Replacement Window Company. Called in because he was so impressed with our design department and company! Voicemail Message: "Adam (Adam Bilter, Client Manager/Owner), this is Shalom (Sam) from American, I just want you to know, I am working with Mike (Designer), he is doing a beautiful job, it looks very impressive, and we just about finalized the page. And just so you know, within a half hour, I would like to call you again, with another company on the line, I want to give you another account. Just, the way you do things, I like it, and I just recommend you to another account, and they are ready to go right away, so right away looks good, alright? So hopefully in a half hour when you call me, my gutter guy, he like to have same thing as I did, but with gutters. OK? Thank you." - Sam from NJ Click PLAY to hear Shalom's actual message!

Industry: Marketing Firm. Closed three high ticket sales in the first month! Voicemail Message: "Hi, this is Christian with Six Figure Marketing Group. Just wanted to let you guys know how well I have been doing with OnlyOnlineMarketing, give you guys a quick testimony. I have been with you guys about two and a half, three weeks now, and with a very small advertising budget have already generated three high ticket sales, very impressive. Uh, also, every time I call you guys you are always prompt to answer the phone, and every time I send an email I always get it back within 5 to 15 minutes. I am very impressed with your professionalism, your service. Thanks for everything and I look forward to working with you guys in the future with all my endeavours. Take care!" - Christian from TX Click PLAY to hear Christian's actual message!

Industry: Insurance and Payroll Services. Closed two really large clients already! Voicemail Message: "Hi, this is Clay with E-Net. I just wanted to say how great OnlyOnlineMarketing has been to work with. They made the process of getting set up to receive online internet leads so extremely extremely easy. We are now constantly getting leads each and every day and have already signed up two large clients within our very first week. Thank you very much OnlyOnlineMarketing! Thank you!" - Clay from Missouri Click PLAY to hear Clay's actual message!

Industry: Real Estate Rental. Just great results, low lead cost, and tons of leads! Voicemail Message: "My name is Paul, and my company, Olympic Home Hotels and Super Week Rentals, we do online advertising for home owners that want to rent their homes during super bowl or olympic events or major sports fan events across the country. Well I got hooked up with OnlyOnlineMarketing many months ago, and went through their demo, which was very impressive, and gave them the go ahead, and they put together my landing page and gave me several versions to make changes and make it just right, put me online on a pay per click and its worked out awesome. We've had a 10% click through rate with a conversion rate of 19% which is pretty awesome. It has kept lead cost below six dollars per lead, and they are good leads, they are good solid leads. They are truly people who were not tricked into "clicking here" and filling out some promotional thing or this or that. They are able to geo-target right into the area that I want, right now Im targeted right in the Vancouver area, Im targeted into southern florida, miami, broward county, so I can target my market, keep my costs down and get the leads Im looking for. It's really been fantastic and I recommend it to any, any small business that's looking to contain their costs and get some effective online marketing." - Paul from Canada Click PLAY to hear Paul's actual message!

Industry: Local Remodeling Contractor. Gets hundreds of leads each month! Voicemail Message: "Hey (Adam Bilter), this is Steve with Shower Pro and I just wanted to give you guys a call and tell you thank you for the good job you guys have been doing on the lead generation for me. The ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) program has worked out very well for us. Our cost of lead generation is as low as it's been with just about anything else that we've tried. I appreciate the hard work that you guys do there and please feel free to refer me. I have spoke with several clients and highly recommended your service. So feel free to use our name and number or email to help other people if this might help them. Thank you very much and I hope you guys are having a great day!" - Steve from Texas Click PLAY to hear Steve's actual message!

Industry: Local Tutor. Qualifed leads, small budget, unbelievable 90% close rate! Voicemail Message: "Hello, this is Randy from Tutor Doc, and I've been a client with ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) for about three months. And I am very satisfied with their service. I finally got my iPhone set up to where I receive email notifications from ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) now. So I get those within about 15 to 20 minutes of the client actually going online and putting in their information. And by coming to my iPhone and I can contact them right away, I am able to set up many more consultations. I'm getting the last month or so here i'm getting on average 6 to 8 leads per month which is 1 to 2 leads per week. And by contacting them right away, I've been setting up consultations with 90% of them, you know 90% of the time and getting into homes and usually closing the deal. I've only missed out on, of the about 12 people now that I've contacted, I've only not closed the deal on right now 4 of them, but I think two are leaning towards closing. So it has worked out very well and I am very satisfied with the service. Thank you!" - Randy from Colorado Click PLAY to hear Randy's actual message!

Industry: Marketing Firm. Consistent number of leads on a moderate budget. Voicemail Message: "Hi this is Tom at Energized Marketing in New York. Just wanted to say what a great response I'm getting from my advertising campaign with ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com). I've increased the efficiency of my advertising dollars and have been receiving nothing but great quality real time leads. Keep up the great work and keep the leads coming! Thanks!" - Tom from New York Click PLAY to hear Tom's actual message!

Industry: B2B Consulting. Long time client is getting an incredible ROI! Voicemail Message: "Hi, This is Tom from Schedule Services in Leesburg Virginia. I've been a client with ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) for over 12 months now and have seen consistent, reliable, high quality leads come in from their action page lead generation system and of course its always great to have my potential clients contacting me instead of the other way around. We sell a service and I know I can always count on ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) leads to bring me qualified prospects, that have resulted in actual sales and new revenue for my business, that I otherwise would have missed out on. In fact, my ROI for my campaign has been over 1000%! Without a doubt, this is the best lead generation system I have ever used and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Thanks for all your help!" - Tom from Virginia Click PLAY to hear Tom's actual message!

Industry: Local Moving Company. First lead, first closed deal! Voicemail Message: "Hello, my name is James, I'm with Around The Town Movers and had a phenomenal experience today, as I closed my first lead, which is a lot of fun. You know, I thank ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com), and the customer service they've provided. I don't know, its just, I'm pumped, it's the first sale, the first opportunity, and we closed it. It just doesn't get any better than that you know. And ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) continuously, they're continuously coming up with new and better ways, and I've only been working with them for a couple months, and they're coming up with new and fresh ways that I see evolving, and it's wonderful." - James from Georgia Click PLAY to hear James's actual message!

"I have a high ticket item service that I sell and I was unsure how the results would turn out but sure enough just a couple months after launch I have closed over $25,000 in new business just from ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) leads. I did the math and for every dollar I spend on marketing with ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com), I make about $10! That's over 1,000% return on investment!" - Carl from Virginia

"My business partner and I went with the upgraded "action"page, started getting leads right away, and within one month, we signed three new clients, and generated over $9,000 in new revenue. We have now increased our budget and have started showing our ads and generating leads internationally! All without having to cold call. Thank you ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com)." - Mary and Sherry from Arizona

"The setup process was so easy and quick and the guys really were on top of things. It was ready before the deadline, and I got 3 leads on day one! With the optimization service my campaign keeps getting better and better. I actually ended up spending less per month on Google and getting more leads!" - Rick from Washington

"I have been in sales for over 30 years and have never seen anything like this! I have now changed my entire sales process and ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) helped in many ways. I don't make any more cold calls, buy and more leads, or anything like that. I enjoy coming in to see how many leads I will get for the day and best of all, I am back to my spot as top salesman at my company." - Charles from Texas

"My "action"page wasn't generating the quantity of leads I was hoping for at first, but ("CCU" OnlyOnlineMarketing.com) staff stuck with me, revamped my account at no additional charge and even helped me refine my closing process. I just closed my first deal and I'm sure there are many more to come!" - Heath from South Dakota

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