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How does it work? An easy way to put it in perspective is to think about the process that you most likely used to find us. And the same way that the majority of our clients find us. You most likely went to google because you were looking for leads and or marketing. You most likely typed in a keyword that related to leads or marketing as well, and when you typed your keyword into Google, those keywords triggered our ad to show on page one of search results. Our ad grabbed your attention above the other ads on the page, and when you clicked on our ad, we paid a small cost-per-click to Google, in exchange for them putting our ad one page one for your keyword search that we want to be shown for. When you clicked, you might have noticed, that you were directed to a page that doesn't look like a typical web page with a menu and a lot of links to click around on. You were brought directly to a landing page that was relevant to your search, and that page gave a clear "call-to-action" that directed you to to either pick up the phone and call us, or fill out the form to find out more about what it is that we do. The result, a direct response, inbound, exclusive, real-time, qualified lead. During the entire process, our system is tracking the keyword search term, landing page analytics, and our system will even track the lead all the way through to the sale, allowing us to track return on investment, compared to our total Google click cost.

So, we will actually set up this exact same process and system, but customize it for your business. So when your potential customers search on google for your business related keywords, we set it up so that ads that we write for you will show on google on page one, when your potential customers click on your ad, you will pay a small cost per click to google, and your searcher will be brought to a landing page that we create for you, which we will customize with your logo, your color scheme, a few bullet points about your company, and a clear call-to-action or offer, that will motivate a certain percentage of visitors to pick up the phone and call you, an inbound phone lead, or fill out the form which is an inbound email lead. There you go, you are generating, direct response, inbound, exclusive, real-time, qualified leads, using our Action-Leads system.

What is this going to cost me? Our pricing is simple. We charge a one time setup fee, which covers the cost of us developing the adwords campaign, keyword research, competitor analysis, and of course the setup and design of your custom landing page. That one time setup fee is $498. Then there are two parts to the monthly cost. The first part is the monthly Google click budget. It is directly related to how many clicks you would like to pay for each month. You can set it at a minimum of $250 per month, and move the budget up as you would like to increase your visitor volume. The second part to the monthly fee is our monthly management and optimization fee. It covers the cost of the basics like hosting of the landing page, the call-tracking number and minutes, use of our back-office software, action-office, and most importantly, our ongoing management and optimization of the campaign. There is no contract required.

Every business needs new leads to generate new business. We know that, and that's why we do what we do. We help businesses succeed by helping them generate leads. It's the very basis of what we do. Your website may be pretty, but does it add to your businesses bottom line? You may be getting traffic to your site, but does your website convert that traffic into leads? You may have a pretty website and traffic, but are you running analytics and reporting to know how it is performing? 90% of the clients we talk to answer no to one or all of these questions. And that is where we step in to help.

The basis behind our lead generation approach is simple. You are in business because your customers have a need for what it is that you do. At the time they decide they are ready to make a purchase, they aren't going to wait around until they get a mailer from you, they won't wait around until they see your billboard, and they won't wait around until they hear your radio or tv ad. Your customers are informed and pro-active so you should be too. When they have a need, they start looking. And today, over 80% of consumers will do an online search before making their buying decision. That is where we come in. We put your company in front of your customers at the exact moment they are looking for your company, and it just so happens they are at the end of the buying cycle, and ready to make that buying decision. So, instead of having to "cast a wide net" and hoping that your reach will include a few potential customers, our system turns the tables and only puts your ads in front of potential customers that have an immediate need for your service. Instead of trying to pull in potential clients, our setup pushes the right clients to you.

Our system includes and uses each of the three essential elements necessary for a successful online lead generation campaign. This includes, traffic, conversion, and reporting. What sets us apart is the fact that we provide all three essential elements all in one package. The end goal? Help your business generate leads. And in order to align our interests with our clients, we don't require any long term contract for our service. That way, you will know we are working hard to create and manage a successful campaign for you because if we are running a successful campaign for you and it is profitable, you will have no reason to ever want to cancel, that way, you are profitable, and we continue to earn our monthly fee for a long time. Its the true definition of a win-win situation.

Google Adwords Lead-Generation Campaign Management:

ActionLeads CRM subscription, call tracking and reporting.
Custom landing site setup
Adwords PPC setup, optimization and management

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